Between You & Me

Confessions of a Comma Queen

Now available in paperback!

Excerpt in The New Yorker.

“For years I thought that, because Mary Norris and I are both from Cleveland, she shared her amazing knowledge of grammar only with me. Now I see she’s letting the whole world in on it. I guess that’s okay. Her book is so smart and funny and soulful and effortlessly illuminating, and she herself is so generous and great—what else could she do? Still, I wish she’d told me.”
Ian Frazier

“Mary Norris brings a tough-minded, clear-eyed, fine-tuned wisdom to all the perplexities and traps and terrors of the English sentence.”
Adam Gopnik

“Mary Norris is a grammar geek with a streak of mischief, and her book is obscenely fun.”
Marilyn Johnson

“This is as entertaining as grammar can be. Very very. Read it and savor it.”
Garrison Keillor

“A delightful mix of autobiography, New Yorker lore, and good language sense.”
Ben Yagoda

“Mary Norris is the verbal diagnostician I would turn to for a first, second, or third opinion on just about anything.”
John McPhee, in The New Yorker

“A rollicking adventure into the origins of the apostrophe, the proliferation of profanity in American culture, and everything in between.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“An educational, entertaining narrative… Unforgettable anecdotes… Countless laugh-out-loud passages… A funny book for any serious reader.”
Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“A delightful discourse on the most common grammar, punctuation, and usage challenges faced by writers of all stripes.... Norris writes with wit, sass, and smarts.”
Publishers Weekly

“[A] down-to-earth memoir interwoven with idiosyncratic, often funny ruminations on the nuts and bolts of language.”
Linda Lowenthal, Boston Globe

“Laugh-out-loud funny and wise and compelling from beginning to end.”
Steve Weinberg, Houston Chronicle

“It’s a three-fer: an entertaining memoir, a lighthearted but truly useful book on grammar and style, and a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of one of American’s great literary institutions.”
Ruth Walker, Christian Science Monitor

“A sharply sparkling grammar guide brimming with instructive and comedic anecdotes.”
O, The Oprah Magazine

“Pure porn for word nerds.”
Allen Fallow, Washington Post

“A charming, funny, fascinating-fact-filled book. If you judge a book by the number of times you have to stop and tell whoever is sitting next to you something about what you just read, then this book will rank highly.”
Lisa McLendon, Wichita Eagle

“Hilarious. . . . This book charmed my socks off.”
Patricia T. O’Conner, New York Times Book Review

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